When I design and make, I envision the universal grown-up inner child that lives and breathes in everyone.

I love modern technologies especially 3d printing a medium that you see a lot in my fashion and swimwear.

You can purchase some of my art through society6.com/comoanna.

All products are designed at COMO ANNA's home studio. Illustrations, paintings, jewellery and fashion items are handmade. 

A sustainable approach to fashion and art making is very important to me. I am always in the look out to reduce waste, recycle/up cycle and choose materials mindfully. However 3d printing is at a grey zone unfortunately when it comes to unleashing creativity.

It has so much potential and I believe this is where fashion is heading in the far future.

I am looking for recycled 3d printing filament, and this is a huge potential and a solution to recycle plastic waste to create something new and useful. In my next life I would be a bio-engineer or some kindhearted doctor Emmett Brown like in back to the future I would experiment and develop in a lab...but as I mentioned this is for the next life.

So if you are a scientist, student or anyone who wants to create recycled 3d printing filament or textiles, basically any sort of new technology that caters for an environmental change PLEASE contact me here for collaboration or just for a chat. I love to meet you and exchange ideas. xx Anna




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