All COMO ANNA products are designed at my home studio. Illustrations, paintings, jewellery and fashion items are handmade. 

When I design and make, I envision the universal grown-up inner child that lives and breathes in everyone.

I love modern technologies especially 3d printing a medium that you see a lot in my fashion and swimwear.

You can purchase some of my art through

A sustainable approach to fashion and art making is very important to me. I am always in the look out to reduce waste, recycle/up cycle and choose materials mindfully. However 3d printing is at a grey zone unfortunately when it comes to unleashing creativity. It has so much potential and I believe this is where fashion is heading in the far future.

I am looking for recycled 3d printing filament, and this is a huge potential and a solution to recycle plastic waste to create something new and useful. In my next life I would be a bio-engineer or some kindhearted doctor Emmett Brown like in back to the future I would experiment and develop in a lab...but as I mentioned this is for the next life.

So if you are a scientist, student or anyone who wants to create recycled 3d printing filament or textiles, basically any sort of new technology that caters for an environmental change PLEASE contact me here for collaboration or just for a chat. I love to meet you and exchange ideas.


You can purchase some illustrations as downloads or as prints.

If you can’t find an illustration in my shop, but like a illustration that I’ve posted on Social media, please contact me for details.

My illustrations can be used in many ways: magazines, websites, bridal, portraits, packaging, book covers and much more.

My illustrations are mainly made digitally and mixed with traditional water colour, mixed with photography and textures.

I offer a whimsical style which consists more of lines and expression creating a fun artistic look and a sophisticated yet bold illustration style, which is detailed, refined in which I put a lot of beauty and thought into.

Fine art prints are made on quality 100% acid free lightly structured watercolour paper.

The print will we post processed by partly hand painting on the printed background with acrylic paint to create more depth and magic to your product. This won't change the overall appearance or subjects of the print. It will only create more dimension to the illustration.

Disclaimer: Colours may vary and depend on your screen settings. I try to keep colour accuracy as true as possible.

Commissions & Custom Illustrations 

Custom illustration services start from $60 AUD for a detailed quote for project ideas please send contact me.


Fashion Design / Making 

I offer my design skills & know how to help you design your collection, which includes:

Surface design/ textile design  

Design/repeat, panel, placement print design

For prices please contact

I have extensive sewing/ construction knowledge, which is an essential part when designing.

I can make technical drawings, range boards and mood boards for you on a freelance basis.

At this stage I make my own fashion products. I mindfully source fabrics and trims.

Jewellery & Accessory Making

To embellish is one of my passions. You can instantly any outfit with jewellery and 

If you are not a fan of prints or bold colours. Statement jewellery can open a new world to colour and more self-expression.  Earrings are my favorite things to wear. They make me feel instantly dressed for the occasion, complete an outfit and just bring a smile to my face.

I make my own jewellery using either 3d printed elastic plastic, polymer clay, all sorts of beads and fabric,

Findings and trims I source, since I don’t have the proper silversmith equipment.

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